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Hazel Bradey

Uncategorised Posted on 10 April 2021 12:25

Some of you will already of heard the sad news that Hazel passed away recently.

Her funeral is at 10am on Tuesday 13th April. Due to restricted numbers anyone who would like to attend can do so virtually. We have been forwarded details of log-in but there are quite a few attachments and I’m not sure they will work if I copy and paste details here – in any case, it doesn’t seem to be copying properly. Therefore, if anyone would like to ‘attend’ please email me ( and I can forward the email with the details. The service will not be recorded so will only be available live.

A donation page has also been set up at:
with donations shared between Lymphoma Action and St Luke’s Hospice.
Judy Gathercole

Is it a badger?

Uncategorised Posted on 5 February 2021 12:38

Great find by Catia.

I had a look in my book of animal tracks and found the description of Badger paw prints that seems to match Catia’s photos. See the description as well. Badger prints are like small bear prints! The fainter inner toe matches Catia’s photos so it all adds up.


A bear in my garden!

Uncategorised Posted on 4 February 2021 18:09

Not exactly on topic for a walking blog, but in these weird times everything will do, even a badger footprints on my lawn!

Check this out

Uncategorised Posted on 30 May 2020 11:28

Look at This on Rohan’s website,
for some great, and different, views from Kinder one February day.

Virtual Walks

Uncategorised Posted on 24 May 2020 20:12

Hi everyone

These links were circulated to the U3A cycling group but I think they will be something to cheer up us Ramblers. I hope you enjoy them.

Clare Balding’s podcast on BBC Sounds includes several episodes set in the Peak District. Here are a few which include David Blunkett, a walk around Robin Hood’s Stride and Black Men Walking which you may remember was the walking group established in Sheffield to encourage ethnic minority men to access the countryside.

David Blunkett

Robin Hood’s Stride

Black Men Walking

An interesting web site

Uncategorised Posted on 17 May 2020 18:52

I love maps and like to research and plot out routes especially now that this might be the closest I can get to some decent walks for a bit. However for many of us the cost of software to do this is is off-putting.

I recently came across an interesting web site called Visorando that I think is worth looking at. Basically it allows you to plot a route, save it and print to a PDF file. You get information about the length of the route and height ascended etc. All useful. Best of all it is free and you can use OS maps. There are other maps available so that you can even plan your next holiday (or at least dream about it). You can also access routes added by other users and save yours for public use if you want. You have to register for access to all the features

The site is at

Give it a try and let us know what you think in a Comment.


Loch Arkaig Osprey cam – Woodland Trust

Uncategorised Posted on 15 May 2020 18:13

Thanks Jackie for sending me the link, the view of the Loch Arkaig Pine Forest is beautiful.

Sheffield’s urban peregrines

Uncategorised Posted on 14 May 2020 17:20

The Sheffield’s urban peregrines at St George’s have two chicks!

Enjoy looking at the webcam – you can switch between the perch and the nest camera:

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