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Walk Changes 2013 Posted on 16 October 2013 16:36

Hi Harry and myself will put the extra walk planned for this Sunday into the programme at a later date. John is now kindly leading Terry’s walk on Sunday with extra mileage added if required after 8 miles. Angie

Mainly Christmas

Walk Changes 2013 Posted on 14 October 2013 21:49

Details of all the walks connected to Christmas lunches and the dinner are now on ‘Our Next Walks’ and ‘Walk Changes’ on the website
All the meals will need to be pre-booked. For the Sunday Christmas dinner, if you haven’t already booked, please get in touch with me. I will also need a £5 deposit.
For Tuesday and Wednesday lunches please ask on walks.

Also, because of his continuing back problems, Terry cannot take his walk on Sunday 20th October. It will be led by John Taylor, who is adding an optional 4 mile extension (details on website).

Sunday 13th

Walk Changes 2013 Posted on 9 October 2013 19:31

I am leading a walk on Sunday 13th which starts at Cut Throat Bridge and ends at Moscar. I have changed the end and we now catch the bus further along the A57 at Surrey Farm. Please Note !!!

We are going to have a split lunch break to take advantage of a very nice coffee van below Stanage. Great coffee and yummy cakes. So! half lunch there and half on the top of Stanage. If tempted bring some money!


Tuesdays 20th & 27th August

Walk Changes 2013 Posted on 10 August 2013 18:15

Because of problems now in getting back from Calver Janet is changing the walk she has put in for 20th August. The start is the same – she is still getting the 0925 number 65 bus to Eyam (Janet will join the bus at Dore Moor Inn). However, she will be walking from Eyam to Stony Middleton then through Calver to finish at Baslow.

Also, please note that the 76 bus for my walk the following week goes from High Street. This has been omitted from the programme.


walk Wed 14th August

Walk Changes 2013 Posted on 8 August 2013 09:01

Part Derwent Valley Heritage Way

You will already have received an email alerting you to the change of bus for this walk. There are also some other changes.

Tony will be en route to Mont Blanc so I am leading the walk instead.

We will catch the 218 bus from the interchange at 9-20, hopefully arriving at Rowsley at 10-32. We will follow the Derwent Valley Heritage Way from Rowsley to Grindleford (approx. 10 miles) aiming to catch the 65 bus at Grindleford at 16-51.

Some people may like to continue to Hathersage (approx 2.5miles) where there is a 272 bus at 17-23 or a train at 17-42



Walk Changes 2013 Posted on 22 July 2013 11:12

Due to 65 bus alterations the Sunday 15th SEPT & the WED 16th OCT walks have been swapped.The new Sunday walk has been extended to finish at Castleton & will now be 13 miles moderate.


Walk Changes 2013 Posted on 19 July 2013 23:02

Hi All,

Malcolm and I did a recce of our walk today. We found it hard going at times. We have decided to make a few subtle changes. We will skirt round Pike Lowe on a decent path instead of climbing over the top, also we propose to have an afternoon stop at the cafe at Langsett. We stopped for an ice cream there today and the waitress willingly filled our water bottles up. We will time a bus and finish at Unsliven Rd Terminus instead of walking up to the leisure Centre. The walk will still be over 11 miles with a small amount of rough walking and a fair amount of walking in the shade. We will have plenty of water stops.

See you soon
Lynn x

Walk Wed.10th July

Walk Changes 2013 Posted on 1 July 2013 05:16

Leonie and David’s walk on Wed.10th July now Not a circular walk, finishing at Moorthorpe Station.There is a break off point to finish at South Elmsall if you wish.

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