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Neil update

Walks 2013 Posted on 18 December 2013 22:06

Just a quickie.

Margaret rang. Neil had his scan and X-ray results. Nothing found and no broken cheek bone. He is back home and improving. The bad news is a visit to the dentist tomorrow where he might lose a tooth (bad timing with Xmas). So he is on the mend.

I had explained to him earlier that this is not going to mean that he can get out of leading his walks. A drastic attempt but a failuresmiley


Neil Barthorpe

Walks 2013 Posted on 18 December 2013 18:52

For those of you who weren’t on the walk today Neil Barthorpe tripped over a kerb and fell very heavily knocking himself unconscious. Luckily we were in High Bradfield and not on the moors.

A couple of us were a bit in front of Neil when we heard a loud thud, turned and saw Neil on the ground completely still and unconscious. Angie phoned 999 and other Ramblers helped to keep him warm with blankets and coats. Luckily someone passing was a nurse which gave us some professional help while we tried to keep him warm and comfortable.

The paramedic arrived and checked Neil over. We then helped the paramedic take him to the pub where it was warm. The ambulance arrived and after more checks he was taken to Northern General, with more checks and monitoring all the way (very impressive care). I went with Neil in the ambulance. He was still very confused but improving.

At Northern General they checked him over within minutes then X-rayed him, he may have fractured a cheek bone as well as the concussion. Margaret, Neil’s wife, got there just after the X-ray so after I had checked if there was any more information I could give I left. Obviously he will be kept in for more observations and possibly a scan.

Neil’s face is a bit of a mess and when I left he was confused but could give information such as his address and post code. He could not remember the fall nor much of the last bit of the walk. His memory was reasonable to Broomhead dam but hazy at best after. However given what he was like when we first saw him on the ground that is a big improvement. He seemed in good spirits but very shaken. He does not seem to have damage other than to his head.

Extra Tuesday Walk

Walks 2013 Posted on 22 October 2013 15:22

John Roper has very kindly offered to lead a walk this coming Tuesday, 29th Oct. –
65 Bus 0925 from Sheffield Interchange to Fox House. Walk along the edges to Baslow, about 7 miles, linear, intermediate.

Mushroom Walk

Walks 2013 Posted on 20 October 2013 21:07

Does anyone fancy a few hours wandering through woods and grassland looking at fungi next Saturday 26th October? (Yes I forgot to put the date in originally.)

I was thought that some of the country around Grindleford would be a good spot and we may find some edible fungi. Do bring your camera, there should be lots to photograph.

I plan to take the 13:35 65 bus to the Maynard Arms, arr. 13:54 (I will catch it on Ecclesall Road). We will then go past the station so if anyone is using any other transport wait outside the cafe. Return might be best by train. The bus is at 15:53 with a train at 16:46.

I am not putting this in the walks updates etc., it is a very unofficial walk.


Extra Walk Sunday 20th October

Walks 2013 Posted on 10 October 2013 09:54

Harry and myself are leading an extra walk on Sunday 20th October. 9.35 51 bus from Arundel Gate toLodge Moor Terminus, SK286862 start 9.57 Conduit, Surrey Farm, Dungworth, Holdworth, Worrall, Oughtibridge 11 miles linear – moderate

Sunday 6th July

Walks 2013 Posted on 2 October 2013 21:53

Thank you to the rambler who rang me earlier to say that the “Tour de France”will be coming through Oughtbridge on Sunday 6th July which is the day I had put down for the Black Hill Car ramble meeting at Oughtibridge smiley so I have now changed the date of the ramble to 31st August. There is now no walk planned for Sunday 6th July x

Pictures from coach ramble

Walks 2013 Posted on 30 September 2013 06:49

A few photos from B Walk

Coach Ramble

Walks 2013 Posted on 24 September 2013 14:35

September 29th Coach Ramble

I hope that by now everyone who is going on this ramble knows that the coach pick-up is on Paternoster Row, by the Showroom Cinema. This change has been made because Arundel Gate will be closed on that date. Any buses that usually go along Arundel Gate will be diverted via the Bus Station. Penistone Road will also be closed from town to the Leppings Lane roundabout. Highways advise car drivers to avoid Infirmary Road as it is likely to be congested. Drivers from the Chapeltown area are advised to use Burngreave Road or Attercliffe Road and make for the Park Square roundabout. Another way would be to go to Oughtibridge, then Malin Bridge, Walkley to the Brook Hill roundabout. Drivers from Hillsborough are advised to use the Malin Bridge etc. route. Eyre Street,
Furnival Street will be open so we will be able to park around Arundel Street.

Parking meters [both road and car park] must be fed on Sundays, £1 for the day. The coin cannot be put in until 0800, so the coach departure time will be delayed by a few minutes to allow time for drivers to walk from their cars to the coach.

If you are delayed on the day please phone me {07817501305}


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