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Social outing

General 2012 Posted on 1 December 2013 21:51

Hi everyone

News here of a possible social outing. I’m wondering if anyone would like to go to a performance by the Ladyboys of Bangkok (!). They will be in Sheffield from 2nd to 15th December on Devonshire Green in a marquis, a very fancy one apparently (not out in the open). If you put “Ladyboys, Sheffield” into a web search you can see information about the show. I think it could be quite spectacular as it’s meant to be a Xmas extravaganza.

The best evening for me is Friday 13th but if no-one else can go that night I could do 6th. It costs £21.75 for a ticket or £29.70 if you want a Thai meal and a drink included; seating is at tables for 8 people. There is a bar for those who don’t want to include the meal.

It’ll be necessary to book soon I think, as some tables have already gone. If you’re interested could you let me know as soon as possible, at the latest by this Wednesday. You can email me at or phone 2757 612.

working party

General 2012 Posted on 4 February 2013 16:17

To all volunteers for the environmental working party. Right of way between Claywheels Lane and Wadsley Bridge M.R. 327917 to 333915

Our first job will be to do a ‘cutback’ on a path which is so bad, it is at present unusable. This is initially explorative work as the entire job is enormous and would require massive litter clearance, hence negotiations with the council as monies would have to be found, so we are merely clearing to gain access at present.

We will meet at on Monday February 11th in Clay Wheels Lane at the point where on the right is the Indian Stone Importers and on the left Hardcores. There is no problem parking. (If the weather is severe we will re-schedule). After Hillsborough football ground left turn to Clay Wheels Industrial site and you are on Clay Wheels Lane.

Essential equipment: Working Clothes, Wellies or boots and gaiters, Tough gloves. secateurs, loppers, saws?

Any queries phone Jan 2665063

For tomorrow

General 2012 Posted on 24 December 2012 21:19

Happy Christmas everyone – hope you all have a great day! smiley


General 2012 Posted on 21 December 2012 10:17

Somebody (can’t remember who, sorry) mentioned that they’ve wanted to read the book “Call the Midwife”. I found a copy if anybody still wants it. It’s a lot better than on television.


Bradwell Public Toilets

General 2012 Posted on 20 December 2012 21:51

Those who came on my walk on December 2nd may recall that soon after the start we visited the public toilets in Bradwell only to find them closed.

I have been informed that the toilets are the responsibility of Derbyshire Dales District Council, who decided a few years ago, as a cost saving measure, to close selected toilets from November to March.

Having looked at their website, it may be useful to know that other toilets closed in this period include those at Birchover, Bonsall, Middleton by Youlgrave, Monyash and Over Haddon.

It seems that closures may be delayed until late November which explains why they were open on November 23rd when I pre walked the route.

I hope those who came enjoyed the rest of the walk!

Christmas dinners 2012

General 2012 Posted on 17 December 2012 13:37

Dinners on 5th & 16th December

Getting the best value travel tickets

General 2012 Posted on 13 December 2012 12:10

John Brightmore, our Public Transport Representative, has produced a guide to tickets for bus and train travel. (Many thanks to Linda Cooley for typing up and laying out the document from John’s draft.)

You will find a link to the document plus some links to the tickets pages of local transport companies etc. on the Weather & Travel page of our web site.

We will try to keep the information up to date but if you spot any errors or changes then get in touch (there is a link on the web page).

Proposed Visit to Mountain Rescue

General 2012 Posted on 6 December 2012 08:03

We are looking to get a group together for a visit to Edale Mountain Rescue Team. Several of us went last winter and found it very interesting and useful. It would be on a Saturday morning, probably in February (we can’t fix a date until we’ve got enough people to make it worthwhile). If you are interested let me or Terry know, sooner rather than later.

Margaret smiley

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