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Mike West’s Do

General Posted on 4 May 2019 21:58

Hi everyone
Well all the Mike’s Do attendees, that is.

Now we know the numbers coming to lunch, so I’ve worked out the cost at £11 each to cover meals and the usual extras.

I won’t be out tomorrow (Sunday 5th) or on Wednesday 8th, so could you give the money to Judy on either of those days or to me on the coach trip next Sunday (12th). Don’t worry if none of those suit you, just pay me on the day.

Sorry this is a bit late notice to be asking anyone to bring money out tomorrow, but I’ve only just got back from holiday and I kind pf forgot all about communicating via the Blog whilst I was away. And it’s only just dawned on me the 14th May is but 10 days away!

See you on the coach next Sunday or at Cosmo.

Upcoming celebration

General 2014 Posted on 14 April 2019 17:56

Greetings all

An event to enter in your Social Calendar.

Mike West is about to join the distinguished Eight-O Club and, as is our wont these days, we will be marking the occasion with a Do.

The day: Tuesday, May 14th . Time: 12.30. Location: Cosmo in the Peace Gardens.

If you’d like to be there would you please let me know, either by email [] or by phone [2757 612 or 07722 009162]. I will be on holiday from April 17th to May 4th, so if it’s between these days when you contact me, please use email as I will be checking it whilst I’m away.

The cost of the buffet is £8.50 per person , but the total cost [including cake etc] will depend on the number of people at the lunch, so I will let you know about that nearer the time.

Hope to see as many of you as possible to help Mike celebrate. Please pass on this information to anyone you think might want to come who does not have access to the Blog.


Calling all party goers

General Posted on 1 August 2017 14:18

Hello to all

As I haven’t been out on many walks recently there are a lot of people I haven’t seen to ask about going to Tony’s party. We’re having “a bit of a do” to celebrate Tony’s 8th decade later this month.

Date: August 22nd
Time: 12 noon onwards
Location : COSMO (in the square behind the Winter Gardens)

The restaurant serves a pan-Asian buffet so there’s lots of choice. You can see the menu on their website if you want more details.

If you’ve not already told me you are coming, could you let me know so that I can tell the restaurant the numbers.

Phone: 2757 612


Leonie’s do

General Posted on 14 June 2016 20:50

Hi everyone Just so that everyone is clear about arrangements for Thursday – the pub would like you to pay along with your partner before you eat. They also want people to order by table so that everyone at that table will get their meals served together. You don’t necessarily need to be sitting on the same table as the person you’re paying with. In case you’ve forgotten what you ordered or who you’re paying with (not that I’m casting aspersions on anyone’s memory!), Angie and I both have a list of orders. See you all on Thursday 12.30. If anyone is catching a bus, it’s the 81 and you get off at Bankfield Lane. Cheers. Linda

Leonie’s meal

General Posted on 8 May 2016 21:44

Hi all. Seems there were some mixed wires in the pub. They do, after all, want to know what meals we want in advance, just for ordering purposes, so could you look at the menu on the Rose and Crown’s website and let me or Angie know sometime in the next couple of weeks. My contact details are on the previous Blog entry. I tried to uut the menu on here for you to see but the blog wouldn’t accept it ( I know not why!). I’ll bring one with me next time I’m out anyway: Cheers Linda:

time to celebrate

General Posted on 3 May 2016 22:37

Greetings all Some of you might have already heard on a walk, but I thought I’d better make sure that you all know, so here it is in writing. We seem to have made celebrating the big “eight -o” birthday a tradition and Leonie’s is coming up very soon. It will be on Thursday 16th June at 12.30 and Leonie has requested that we hold the event at The Rose and Crown in Stannington. It’s a 2 for £5 deal so it would be good to organise a partner that you can order with, if possible. The menu is on the website at They don’t want to have orders in advance but they would like people to order as a table so that all the people sitting on one table will get their food at the same time, rather than them having to wonder around the room with meals in hand looking for which person has ordered which meal. Naturally, the number of people they can cater for is limited so they do need to know numbers in advance. Could you please contact me to let me know if you want to come? You can email: or phone 2757 612. Please see Angie for donations to the cake and gift. I’m really looking forward to seeing what’s on the cake this year as the others that we’ve had have been great. Cheers Linda

Xmas Dinner

General 2014 Posted on 30 November 2014 19:52

Greetings all
First of all I must apologise profusely for the delay with this menu. It’s been a long story of emails and phone calls, but let’s leave the tale there.

It’s at the Peacock at Stannington on Sunday 14th and we’re aiming to be there by 4pm.

It’s 3 courses for £17.95. The owner did (reluctantly) offer a 2 course option but it had to be a starter and main (no desserts) and he was not happy to have 2 course and 3 course options in the same party as this makes serving difficult. Well, as he pointed out he could easily get another party in who would all happily have the 3 courses, so he’d be losing out on offering 2. He would only give a £2 reduction anyway, so the 3 course option is better value for money. (You can always put the dessert in a doggie bag if it’s too much for you!)

The menu is attached with a letter beside each dish. Could you let me know as soon as possible, please, what you’d like so I can pass the choices on to the Peacock . You can email me ( or phone (2757 612).

We do have to pay a £5 deposit each, so if you’re coming to the Wednesday lunch this week, you could pay me then. If you won’t see me before the dinner, don’t panic, I’ll put the £5 in for you and you can give it to me on the day. (Don’t you worry, if you don’t turn up, I’ll be round your house with the heavies pretty quick. Though I’m wondering who could fit that bill?)



Social outing

General 2012 Posted on 1 December 2013 21:51

Hi everyone

News here of a possible social outing. I’m wondering if anyone would like to go to a performance by the Ladyboys of Bangkok (!). They will be in Sheffield from 2nd to 15th December on Devonshire Green in a marquis, a very fancy one apparently (not out in the open). If you put “Ladyboys, Sheffield” into a web search you can see information about the show. I think it could be quite spectacular as it’s meant to be a Xmas extravaganza.

The best evening for me is Friday 13th but if no-one else can go that night I could do 6th. It costs £21.75 for a ticket or £29.70 if you want a Thai meal and a drink included; seating is at tables for 8 people. There is a bar for those who don’t want to include the meal.

It’ll be necessary to book soon I think, as some tables have already gone. If you’re interested could you let me know as soon as possible, at the latest by this Wednesday. You can email me at or phone 2757 612.

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