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Check this out

Uncategorised Posted on 30 May 2020 11:28

Look at This on Rohan’s website,
for some great, and different, views from Kinder one February day.

8 years ago today

Uncategorised Posted on 10 May 2020 10:52

I’ve just been looking at some old photographs and realized that it was 8 years ago 6 of us ( Val, Janice, David Hogg John, Liz and myself) were on the second part of the Coast to Coast and trying to get from Kirkby Stephen to Keld over Nine Standards. This was impossible in the conditions that day as you can see – pouring rain, swollen streams, no way UP so we had to go ROUND!

20 seconds!

Uncategorised Posted on 23 March 2020 11:11

Giles Brandreth has recently been learning 20 second poems. He reckons each verse of The Owl and the Pussy Cat takes 20 seconds. He’s right – I timed them! Much more fun than Happy Birthday!
Stay safe and well, everyone.


Uncategorised Posted on 24 January 2020 19:14

I think the word is getting round quite well now but this is just to confirm that June came home on Tuesday (not via the Northern General!) and is doing very well. She’s walking around her house with just a stick and is her usual cheery self!
She’s looking forward to our trip to Patterdale.


Uncategorised Posted on 11 January 2020 16:22

I had news on Thursday that June Robinson had broken her femur over Christmas. I quickly sent her a card from everyone but had no details. However her friend (also June) has just phoned me and apparently she broke it on Christmas Eve but she seems to be her usual indomitable self and is apparently ‘fine’!
She is being transferred to Northern General sometime next week and June no.2 will let me know when they know when that will be.
I just thought you’d all like to know.

Wednesday Christmas lunch

Uncategorised Posted on 18 November 2019 21:33

Some of you may know that I’ve been shut out of all my techy stuff for a while – I’m now back up and running.
I’m going through 3 weeks worth of emails – and most texts haven’t arrived so if you’ve sent me any bookings for the Christmas lunch on Wednesday 4th could you resend them/ If you go to and look at the festive menu you could send me your choices. (Email:, text: 07557272559 or home phone (answerphone if I’m not in): 0114 2295476).
I need them by Wednesday evening (I’ll be walking on Wednesday) so if I don’t see you to collect your £5 deposit I’ll put it in until I see you.
Sorry about all this – it’s been a nightmare!!

Tomorrow’s walk

General Posted on 28 January 2019 20:03

Hi Tuesday Ramblers,

Unless the weather forecast for tomorrow deteriorates then I intend to do The Fair Weather Walk. This involves going on to Wharncliffe Chase which is very exposed. So wrap up warm. We will be having our lunch before or after the Chase, in a sheltered spot.

When catching the tram bus from Middlewood Tram Terminus at 10.26 ( hopefully)Make sure you catch the SL1a bus as this goes straight along the main road at Deepcar. We will be catching the bus at Oughtibridge.


Lynn x


General Posted on 25 October 2018 09:32

It’s been pointed out to me that, in my last blog, I put the last date for ordering Sunday’s Christmas dinner was 7th September – in which case we’re all too late!

I don’t know what calendar I was looking at because I got it completely wrong anyway – we do, in fact, need to order by Wednesday 5th December.

Sorry about that.

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