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More Alpine Overland holidays for 2014

General 2013 Posted on 22 October 2013 18:45

Just wanted to add Jackie’s post on holidays. A small group of us recently went on an Alpine Overland holiday to the Picos in Northern Spain. We had a great time – stunning scenery, amazing wildlife and fabulous walks. Val and I enjoyed Spain so much that we have booked to go back inh October next year but to the Pyrenees this time.

On the Pyrenees holiday we will have a local guide which should sort out the difficulties with Spanish maps. We will also have the wildlife expert who came with us to the Picos leading walks. So we should not only have great walks but also know which birds, plants and animals we are seeing!

It would be great if we could get together a small group of Sheffield people – it would balance out all those Lancastrians….

Happy to have a word with anyone new to Alpine Overland or indeed to anyone else thin king of going.


Ladies’ Lunch at Lyme 26th July

General 2013 Posted on 2 July 2013 14:30

Following Judy’s walk through Lyme Park recently, some of us thought we would like to spend more time there and have a look round the house and gardens. So a few of us are planning to go and do just that and have lunch as well on Friday, 26th July.

We will be getting the 0914 train to New Mills, walking across New Mills to pick up the 199 bus which drops us outside Lyme Park. When I did a pre-lunch (a bit like a pre-walk!) it took a couple of hours in total which ties in nicely with the 11 am opening time. Though that’s a long time travelling I did think it was worth it. Same journey in reverse coming back.

Lyme Park is a National Trust property so NT members have free entry. For non-members it is £9.90 adult entry to the house and gardens; £6.30 for the gardens only. There is a very slightly reduced group entry rate but there appear to be no concessionary rates.

Hope to see you on the day. Meet on the station concourse.

Any queries please give me a ring.


Extra walk 11 August

Walks 2013 Posted on 2 June 2013 18:48

On 11 August Val and I will be doing our Rollercoaster walk postponed from 21 April. Details are:

0902 120 bus from Flat Street to Fulwood shops, SK304853. Leaders will meet bus. Start 0925.

Porter Clough, White Stones, Hathersage, Millstone Edge, Houndkirk Road, Fulwood.

14 miles circular, moderate.

Lynn and Malcolm Oxlade’s car ramble which was to have been on that day will now take place at a later date.

Please give either Val or me a ring if you have any queries.


Alternative walk – Sunday 11 August

Walks 2013 Posted on 18 April 2013 11:56

Val and I will be doing our Rollercoaster walk deferred from 21 April as an alternative to the walk in the programme on Sunday, 11 August. Details remain as in the programme on 21 April, that is

– 0902 120 bus from Flat Street to Fulwood shops, SK304853, starting 0925

– Porter Clough, White Stones, Hathersage, Millstone Edge, Houndkirk Road, Fulwood shops

– 14 miles circular, moderate

Any questions, please give me or Val a call.