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Clarion Handbooks to Read

Uncategorised Posted on 28 March 2020 15:07

Hope everyone is doing ok ….. at Patterdale some of you looked at the 3 Clarion Handbooks I have been given (1960-1962). A friend has scanned them in so thought you might like the opportunity to read about the walks and other lovely things in them (in larger print!) – maybe some help with ideas for future walks! If you are interested in having them e-mailed to you please e-mail me at

All best Jackie K


Chris Gamble

General Posted on 14 February 2017 18:14

Just to let everyone know that Chris Gamble has a broken wrist with a pot on for 6 weeks – another casualty of the treacherous mud …….

Rail Ticket for London

General 2015 Posted on 13 January 2015 20:23

Hi All – I have a single advance rail ticket to London from Sheffield on Tuesday 20th January at 12.29 which I cannot use so if anyone wants it just let me know otherwise it will go to waste! Jackie K

Bit of a scramble?

Walks 2014 Posted on 29 May 2014 10:31

Liz and I are planning to try out a scramble at Wildboar Clough, Torside Reservoir (a Bleaklow classic) on Thursday 5th June – come and join us! Depending on numbers we may be able to share a car – Liz has offered to drive. We won’t go if it’s wet!
Text me if you are interested and we can arrange details – Jackie K (big) 07813 679199