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Rock carvings at Den Bank

Uncategorised Posted on 2 May 2021 15:35

Photos from Dave’s walk on 15th April (though I went back today to take the pics) “A Sword in the Stone, a Skull, a Lily and a Lion“… the stuff of legend!

The Sword in the Stone 1
The Sword in the Stone 2
The Skull 1
The Skull 2
Fleur de Lis 1
Fleur De Lis 2
The Rampant Lion 1
The Rampant Lion 2

Flora on my walk

Uncategorised Posted on 25 April 2021 18:38
Ribwort Plantain
Forget me not
Green Alkanet / Bugloss
Garlic Mustard / Jack by the hedge
Dead Nettle
Blackthorn:  flowers before leaves
Wood Sorrel

A bear in my garden!

Uncategorised Posted on 4 February 2021 18:09

Not exactly on topic for a walking blog, but in these weird times everything will do, even a badger footprints on my lawn!

Loch Arkaig Osprey cam – Woodland Trust

Uncategorised Posted on 15 May 2020 18:13

Thanks Jackie for sending me the link, the view of the Loch Arkaig Pine Forest is beautiful.

Sheffield’s urban peregrines

Uncategorised Posted on 14 May 2020 17:20

The Sheffield’s urban peregrines at St George’s have two chicks!

Enjoy looking at the webcam – you can switch between the perch and the nest camera:

Wild flowers in my garden – 2

Uncategorised Posted on 24 April 2020 11:49

Really glad with nice comments from Lynn, Tony and Dave so here some more:

One of my beautiful dandelions.
Semi wild (?) purple wood anemone.
Hairy bittercress, I’ve got too much of it!
Pratoline! Translation (and you can also hear how to pronounce it in Italian):

Wild flowers spotting…in my garden!

Uncategorised Posted on 22 April 2020 17:58
Honesty. It took a few days of Googling to identify it….
White Dead Nettles
Wild Garlic amongst the bluebells.
Even Nettles, this Spring! Nettles risotto anyone?
Last but not least, Dog Violets!

Anyone to add to my selection from your gardens? Any gorgeous dandelions?

Don’t criminalise trespass

Uncategorised Posted on 14 March 2020 10:12

For info:

Article from The Ramblers:

Trespass proposals could be ‘thin end of the wedge’ for walkers.

Petition (some of you will be interested in signing – I have already):

Don’t criminalise trespass

The petition has been organised by Guy Shrubsole, who works as a campaigner for Friends of the Earth, writes for The Guardian, and is the author of the blog Who owns England.


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