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When to call mountain rescue article.

General Posted on 28 June 2019 20:35

In this month’s ‘walk’ magazine for ramblers on page 77 there is an interesting article about safety.

There’s an app OS Locate that will give you your grid reference. We have loaded it and it is so useful, firstly for safety but also it gives other invaluable information.

It also advised that you register for emergency SMS ( this is a free service that allows you to send a text message on emergency bandwidth when a call can’t get through.

Didn’t We Have A Lovely Day the Day We Went To Saltburn!

Walks comments Posted on 8 April 2018 22:15

Thank you to Susan, Judy, Liz and John for the organising and leading of the walks today, it’s really appreciated…..and for the choccies too, David!!

Eggsellent Walk!!

Walks comments Posted on 1 April 2018 19:45

Thank you Lynn and Malcolm, a great walk to celebrate Easter Sunday enhanced by Easter Egg treats!!

Carole & Peter

Superb Photo’s…….

General Posted on 23 March 2016 16:29

I have to say Tony, thank you so much for the fantastic photo’s that you take on so many of our walks! Very often Rambler friends talk about how much they enjoy looking at your website.

You manage to capture superb views, interesting and sometimes quirky things not to mention some the the facial expressions captured either individually or in group situations!! Your pictures usually provoke a smile, a smirk, an Ah or an Awe of wonder.

Also when for different reasons any of us are not able to go on a walk, it is always good to see who did go as well as looking at the scenery and points of interest along the way.

Once again thank you on behalf of many of the Sheffield Ramblers for a wonderful series of photo’s to peruse and re-live some of the walks in this our beautiful part of the country.

Carole and Peter (steadily adapting to the climbs and climate ‘Up North’)

David Cook’s Illicit Walks!!

General Posted on 4 March 2016 11:46

We went to visit David in the Hallamshire Hospital yesterday and he is doing really well!! He appears to be a model patient, a positive approach with treatments, diet etc.

However, when he told the staff he was just going for a wander to WH Smith in the Hospital complex, he caught a bus to town one day and up to Forge Dam another!! They can’t keep a Good Rambler down for long!

It has crossed my mind though are they likely to take his boots/shoes off him to stop him escaping??

So if you do go to visit him don’t be surprised if there’s a note on the door saying ‘Gone Ramblin’

Was good to see you David, keep up the good work!!

Carole and Peter

Aw Bless you Phillip!

General 2015 Posted on 27 September 2015 21:15

We know you’re behind the trigg point… can come out now.

Congratulations in order!!

General 2015 Posted on 14 September 2015 14:09

Have been in touch with Margaret Armitage to see how she is after her surgery 3 weeks ago and she seems to be doing well.

In fact this coming weekend she has been invited to attend an award ceremony with The Edale Mountain Rescue Team for her to be awarded on becoming an Honourary Member of The Edale Mountain Rescue Team!!

So Well Done Margaret and Congratulations!!!smiley

Good News!

General 2015 Posted on 11 July 2015 09:16

Thankfully Peter has been given the all clear! So we will be building up to the Tuesday Walks, to be followed by Wednesday and Sunday Walks…..but will have to take a rain check on Andrew’s !!!

Thank you to everyone for your get well wishes!!

Carole and Peter

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