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Please do not put walks information here instead of into the web walks system. The blog does not reach all walkers.

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Blog updated

General Posted on 17 November 2019 20:19

As I explained a bit ago our web hosts are moving their blogs to a new system. I have moved ours this afternoon.

The new blog system is, in my opinion, awful. I have spent some hours sorting out various aspects with lots of queries to the support staff. Simply adding a post seems to me to be messy and exceedingly unclear. However there is nothing I can do about it. The old version was pretty friendly this one is not.

It really needs documentation and training for all users but I am not volunteering to do it. I don’t know where to go from here so any suggestions will be welcome. Do login and see how much sense you can make of it. Hint: to see the blog click on Talk the Walk at the top left of the screen.

Dave Jefferies

Change to our blog

General Posted on 16 October 2019 11:41

Hi everyone

Our service provider is changing the way it delivers our blog. Our existing blog will be transferred to the new system and it should all go smoothly. However as you will understand ‘should’ is always a hopeful word and there could be problems. I plan to make the change this week. If you find any problems please send an email to: and I will try to get the problem sorted.

No other part of our web site or IT system (such as Walk Updates emails) should be affected.

Web & IT officer

Paul Brady photo

General Posted on 17 August 2017 09:57

Paul Brady a pleasant and genial companion on Ramblers walks and the Coast to Coast.

Photo supplied by Tony Allsopp

Walk cancelled (15/02/17)

Walks comments Posted on 14 February 2017 17:32

Chris Gamble has cancelled the walk for tomorrow (15th Feb). She has slipped and injured her wrist. If you know anyone planning to go on the walk who is not in the Walks Updates email group, who have been notified, please let them know.

There is a lot of slippery mud about and this is the second injury that we know about so do take care.


Multiple posts

General Posted on 21 July 2016 10:16

Sometimes when someone puts in a new entry to the blog multiple copies are added. I have been trying to get this sorted with who provide the blog. They say that it is a known problem but don’t know when it will be fixed. In the meantime I will try to delete the unwanted copies when I see them.


Xmas Meal and Walk

General 2015 Posted on 14 November 2015 15:40

Second reminder – Please place you order ASAP

Sent on behalf of Angie


We will be having our Wednesday Xmas Meal and Walk on 2nd December. The walk is a 7 mile circular from Hathersage lead by John and Joan Taylor details on the web as usual. The meal is at the Little John, Hathersage where we had an enjoyable time last year.

The menu for the meal is below. All orders are needed by 18 November. You can text your order to 07957 289751, or e mail

Starters –
Tomato Soup served with rustic ciabatta

Plaice Goujons served with salad and lemon & dill mayonnaise
Vegetable Spring Rolls served with a plum dipping sauce

Mains –
Roast Turkey served with roast potatoes & vegetables
Baked Cod served with new potatoes & salad
Mushroom, Cranberry & Brie Wellington served with roast potatoes & vegetables
Steak & Ale Suet Pudding served with mash potatoes & vegetables

Desserts –
Chocolate Fudge Cake with a choice of custard, cream or ice cream
Christmas Pudding with a choice of custard, cream or ice cream

3 courses for £12 a head.


Walks entry for 2016

Walks comments Posted on 3 August 2015 12:10

Hi everyone

Please can you put your walks for the 2016 programme onto the web. These are for our regular walks programme, short/walking out walks are being co-ordinated by Terry and information about them will be sent out by him.

To add a walk go to the ‘Group info’ page, click on ‘Walk Leaders login’ then enter your user name and password to login. If your email allows it you can click on this link to get to the login page: There are notes about using the system if you click on ‘Help’.

A few points to note:

> We need to get walks entered by the end of September.
> The walk year runs from 1st December 2015 to 30th November 2016 (this is because there are a lot of changes in December with Xmas meals as well as accumulated transport changes so any printed programme is largely out of date for December).
> If you have forgotten your password then email the Rambles Committee ( ASAP. Include your name so we can find the correct password.
> If you know anyone who has not led a walk before but could lead some this year then ask them contact the Rambles Committee for a user name, password and information about entering walks.

If you have any questions or comments please contact the Rambles Committee.


PS You may get more than one copy of this email. We are sending it to several of our lists to let as many people as possible with the hope that we get some new walks leaders.

Transport Changes 30th July 2015

Walks 2015 Posted on 31 July 2015 16:02

Hi everyone

John Brightmore has collated the latest transport news affecting the 273 and X17 routes plus information about timetable books and Wayfarer tickets (document attached).

There have been a lot of changes this year, so far 32 walks have been changed or have been added to the programme. This is a quarter of the walks for the year with more to changes come. If you know anyone with email who has not subscribed to Walks Updates then do encourage them. It is the best way to keep up to date with walks.

Happy rambling

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