Below is a list of suggestions from Sheffield Council’s Public Rights of Way Officer, for work to be done by our FIX IT team during the summer. However, it may be quite a while before it is safe for us to tackle them, which is quite disappointing. After visiting a few of the sites, I was really looking forward to getting stuck in!

From Sam Beaton:

“I am very keen to have your assistance this summer, and it could be in one or more of the following ways:

The paths/issues best tackled by volunteers are generally those in remote or difficult locations that machinery can’t access easily, and/or where hand tools are more appropriate.

  1. Two of the most heavily engineered areas of footpath with endless small scale drainage features to keep clear of leaves and silt with hand tools are the Rivelin and Porter Valleys. Both valleys have very active “Friends Of” groups who carry out all sorts of access and nature conservation works in those areas. Might a Fix It group be interested in joining forces with existing groups and tasks in those area
  2. We already have plans to supply stone to both the Bradway Action Group and the Beauchief Environment Group for them to carry out some path repair works in their areas. Again, might you be interested in working in these areas with these existing groups and projects?

There are also two specific outstanding work requests on our books that you might be able to help with:

  1. A request came to us from the SCC Woodland Ranger Matt Coster (copied in) to sort out a gullying/erosion problem on a footpath in Wheata Woods. The issue is being caused by run off from an overgrown and blocked ditch. It is too difficult a location for machinery to get to it. I have passed the issue back to Matt to try and deal with using the SCC Woodland rangers and hand tools, but perhaps a Fix It group might like to tackle it instead?
  2. There is a footpath running from Agden Reservoir up a steep hillside to Agden Side Road across the top side of a plantation that was clear felled about 8 years ago. This path is now choked with 8 year old self set birch trees, and the brambles and bracken come up in summer too. Ideal location for hand tools and volunteers, and a great view too. Would you be interested in tackling this?

Another possibility for your group, if interested, is to tidy up the edges of tarmac paths by removing leaf mould and grass that has crept in at the edges. An example being the path on the Sheffield Round Walk at the end of Ashbury Lane near Graves Park. The attached photos show what it looked like when it was tarmacked, it is much untidier now.

Mr. Sam Beaton
Senior Public Rights Of Way Officer
City Growth Department

If possible, I would like to list all the tools that we have for Fix It work, so could anyone who is storing equipment, please let me know.  Regards Christine   (contact: Tel: 01142666585)