Radio 4 Open Country – Jarvis Cocker’s Edale

This morning Open Country episode had Jarvis Cocker talking about the “Be Kinder” trail which was created to mark the 1932 mass trespass on Kinder Scout:

He had some quite interesting companions, from Maxine Peake to Magid Magid!

Just some quotes:

Maxine Peake: “…the countryside is a great leveller…”

Gordon Miller, a local former ranger:

“Kinder is one of the last few English wilderness areas left…, open space…., sense of freedom…”,

“…the Peak District has got an intimacy about it …a place you can find yourself…”

Jarvis Cocker:

“… describing Kinder, leaves me lost for words…”,

“… the more you walk in a place the more it will open itself to you and reveal its beauty…”