We are going to improve 4 stiles this month. Location 3 Moving existing post further out into the field to allow the gate to fully open Digging equipment. Location 2 Putting in timber hand post with yellow arrows both ways Cutback around stile and some improvement of stonework Digging and cutting equipment Parking for these two stiles is on the road down from Bradfield Secondary school opposite footpath sign on the right Need 3 people for these two stiles. Barry, Laurence and Cynthia for cutback? Location 35; Re-build stone work on both sides of stile of steps (most work on lower side of stile) Muscles and stone-cutting chisels. Parking at Spitewinter Farm ( down track and park on the track off to the left, making sure not to park on the grass) John, David H, David K . Depending on how many workers some can move down from this stile to Location 10 to do an easy job of moving/lowering/raising stones to improve on existing stile. Chris, you can have a holiday this month as there is no carpentry! I will bring the one pole we need and project tools.