Because the first Monday in May falls on a bank holiday and many people have family events, we are planning to work on Tuesday 7th May.

We are back to the stiles project.

Last month we completed 2 stiles no. 6 and 7, putting in handrails in both cases. The stone work on the second needs to be revisited, reorganised and completed.

This month we need to put in another handrail ( location 4) which is the next stile along.

We also need to put in two posts and a short handrail at Low Ash Farm, the livery stables.
If Chris, David Hogg and 1 other could start with this one at 9.30 that would be good. I have already seen and spoken to the farmers.

Location is just around the corner from the dirt track to the coffin route stiles, on Stubbin Lane and off to the right side. The farmers prefer you to park on the grass verge to the right side. It is only a short walk down the farm track to the stile designated.

Everyone else park in the usual place and we will complete stone work on the second stile and work on the third stile along.

I have contacted Tony Andrews to see if there is a job in the area that fixiteers not working on the heavy
stile work could do, I have not yet heard from him.