Just a note for everyone on the walk today. As you may have been told a climber (Edward) had fallen off Curbar Edge. Fortunately a couple of holidaymakers had made out his cries for help so were heading to find him and alerted us so Liz and I went to see if we could be of use.

Edward was injured with what appeared to be a broken ankle so while one of the holidaymakers was phoning 999 we tried to make him warm and comfortable. It was useful to have my GPS so that we could give the grid reference especially because the other two did not know exactly where we were not being local.

In fairly quick time first the air ambulance arrived followed later by the Edale Mountain Rescue and another paramedic. They carried out immediate first aid and pumped Edward full of painkillers plus gas and air. They then took him off to Sheffield NGH. Other than the ankle or lower leg he seemed OK as he was put into the helicopter so we assume he will make a good recovery.

Thanks to Sheila for ringing to check that Liz and I got back OK. We did and had a very good stroll down to Baslow just in time to catch a 218.