We are booked in at The Francis Newton for our Christmas dinner on Sunday 18th December. Unfortunately, after I had booked I realized they no longer do a ‘proper’ Christmas dinner. However, after a discussion out on a walk one, day everyone decided they were happy to go with it.

We can use their Christmas menu, their normal full menu or their Sunday menu so there is plenty of choice. I need to give numbers and orders by the end of November and I need a £5 deposit with orders please. The menus are below. I should be out on Wednesday and Sunday walks regularly from now on or you can email me at judygath@gmail.com with your choices and give me the deposit when you see me.

All details of the walk are in the walking programme. There is a car park but it is free for 1.5 hours and after 6pm. Therefore, if you arrive with a car before 4.30 you will have to pay a little. I have said we’ll arrive about 4.30.

Sorry, these look very small print – perhaps better viewed on a tablet so you can enlarge it. I will bring copies out on the walks, though, and I’ll send an email with attachments