The coach ramble to Arnside on Morecombe Bay on Sunday September 25th will depart from Arundel Gate/Howard Street at 8 AM. There will be an A and a B walk some details of which follow.

Arnside is a lovely village set near the head of Morecombe Bay with spectacular views over the bay towards Grange and back to the Lakeland hills.

Both parties will start off together for a very scenic walk around the bay to New Barns with views across the bay and south towards Heysham. Here we will split if it is not high tide, which we’ll find out at beginning of September. Those who want to can continue along the coast but this is over rough rocks in places and can be slippery if wet. Those who prefer can take a woodland walk over the top to all meet up again just before Far Arnside.

When we meet up again we will split into ‘A’ and ‘B’ groups –

‘B’ walk – total about 8 miles

The ‘B’ group will loop round from Hollins Farm, around Elmslack and over Middlebarrow Plain to Arnside Tower – the largest pele tower in the area, built in the 15th century on the site of an earlier tower, and a very impressive ruin. From here we climb through the woods up Arnside Knott with a magnificent viewpoint over the bay, up to the lakes and east to the Howgills, weather permitting, of course! After a brief visit to the trig point we descend over an open hillside with more great views, through Dobshall Wood and footpaths on the outskirts of the town back down to the bay.

‘A’ walk – about 11 miles

The ‘A’ group will make their way directly up the Knott from Hollins Farm, visiting the same viewpoint and trig point before descending round the edge of Hagg Wood, crossing the railway line to make our way to Hazelslack Tower another pele tower from the 14th century this time. From here the route goes to Fairy Steps – don’t eat too much or fill your rucksack too full to climb this staircase in a cleft in the rock! Then it’s on to Storth to make our way via Sandside out on to the saltmarsh on the edge of the bay for an easy finish back in to Arnside.

Arnside has several places to eat which we’ll tell you about on the coach. If the tide is right we may be lucky enough to see the bore sometime during the day.

To book please contact Liz :- email: or text/phone 07711353310.