Greetings all Some of you might have already heard on a walk, but I thought I’d better make sure that you all know, so here it is in writing. We seem to have made celebrating the big “eight -o” birthday a tradition and Leonie’s is coming up very soon. It will be on Thursday 16th June at 12.30 and Leonie has requested that we hold the event at The Rose and Crown in Stannington. It’s a 2 for £5 deal so it would be good to organise a partner that you can order with, if possible. The menu is on the website at They don’t want to have orders in advance but they would like people to order as a table so that all the people sitting on one table will get their food at the same time, rather than them having to wonder around the room with meals in hand looking for which person has ordered which meal. Naturally, the number of people they can cater for is limited so they do need to know numbers in advance. Could you please contact me to let me know if you want to come? You can email: or phone 2757 612. Please see Angie for donations to the cake and gift. I’m really looking forward to seeing what’s on the cake this year as the others that we’ve had have been great. Cheers Linda