The coach ramble to the West Pennine Moors on May 1st will depart from Arundel gate/Howard Street at 8 AM. There will be an A and a B walk some details of which follow.

Unfortunately the numbers on this coach ramble are low so far. I am aware that many people who would usually come are away but if you are able to come or you have friends and family who would like to join us please let me know no later than Friday 22nd of April at 10 AM. Email: or text/phone 07711353310.

B Walk 9 miles Leaders Cath and Malcolm MacKay
The route is roughly circular around a string of three reservoirs in the Grane valley near Haslington in Lancashire. Some sections follow part of the Rossendale way. As well as walking fairly close to the water we will be able to look down on the valley and it’s reservoirs from above. The wider loop enables us to experience other types of landscape which included interesting side valleys, a stretch of open. moorland with good views, woodland and some rough grassland so the day has a variety of scenery.

This is undulating countryside so there will be a variety of walking terrain, level sections and sections of uphill and downhill (none of which are particularly long or steep).The tracks are also variable ranging from wide cart tracks to narrow footpath along with two short structures without paths where we will move slowly and carefully. If the weather has been wet there may be some muddy/boggy bits.

Haslington Grove was once a settlement of 1300 people engaged in farming, textiles and quarrying until the reservoirs Calf – Hey, Ogden and Holden Wood were constructed between 1846 and 1912 after which the valley was abandoned. This heritage is apparent in the remains which can be seen in the Valley today.

If the weather is poor or we become short of time we can shorten the walk a bit. There is a small basic cafe with 12 seats and some outdoor benches at the coach park open until 430.

A walk 12 miles ( approx -details to be confirmed) Leaders Judy Gathercole and John Taylor(or Liz Savage)
The walk will start at Holcombe village close to Ramsbottom and go up to the Peel Tower. This is a memorial to Robert Peel, there are good views and there should be an opportunity to look around the tower. The walk will then go across Holcombe Moor following part of the Rossendale way toward and above the Ogden and Calf-Hey reservoirs. We will finish at Clough Head car park where there is a small cafe and where we will meet the B party and the coach.