Three things I have learned today;
1. Never go walking without full waterproofs even if its in Tenerife.
2. Just because they are given as delightful samples of different delicacies made with local ingredients, if you eat too many you will still feel sick.
3. Umbrellas bought at Poundshop are not actually worth a pound.

Seriously though Canarians have put enormous effort into this 2nd annual walking festival. They want to promote the Canaries as a hiking destination and attract a different kind of tourist.

I registered and chose my walks before leaving home. We were given a civic reception and lots of freebies. The walks are well organised and you can choose between coastal, forest and mountain. We were accompanied by local guides, linguists, national park people, tourist office reps and the European President of the Ramblers. I have met people from Hungary, Canada ,Netherlands, Holland and, Denmark.

Next year’s festival is in May. Check it out. I paid less than a Contours Walking holiday in the UK for travel, transfers, half board hotel and walking fees. A great experience.