Hi. I have been asked to tell any members who may be interested about the talk below. I don’t myself know any more about it than what is set out.

Everest the Old Way is an illustrated talk given by John Driskell and David Peckett in Dronfield’s Civic Hall on Friday 8th April 2016 at 7.30 cost £5.

John and David travelled overland in the 1960’s from Barnsley to Kathmandu and then on foot to Everest Base Camp. They returned a few years ago – not overland this time and were able to compare Nepal in the 1960s to Nepal in the 2000s. It is a fascinating, amusing talk and of interest to not only those who have an interest in the Himalyas but also anyone who enjoys listening to people who have done something out of the ordinary. Travelling through Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan is not really a possibility in today’s political climate so come and see for yourself what these countries were like.

All proceeds from the talk will go to the Days for Girls project in Nepal. This is a project whereby non-disposable, washable sanitary wear is made in Nepal locally for poor girls and women.

Tickets available from Elaine Ward 01246 415455 or elaineward49@btinternet.com