I’ve now heard more about the invitation we have had to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the founding of our sister organisation in Bochum, Sheffield’s twin city in Germany. It looks like a very interesting weekend, and I think that we will be made very welcome.

The suggestion is that we travel out on Friday 3rd June, and come back on Monday 6th June.

The celebrations are as follows:
a programme of walks
5pm Gala, at which we would be guests of honour. I suspect this will include dinner.

morning a programme of walks
12 noon onwards Walking and Family Festival in the Town Park, where again we would be guests.

We may also be invited out to dinner on the Friday evening.

The City of Bochum will kindly meet the cost of our hotel accommodation from Friday until Monday morning, and the SGV (the Ramblers equivalent) will book it for us.

Travel suggestions
If people wanted to make their own arrangements, including staying longer in Germany at their own expense that wouldn’t be a problem. However my thoughts are as follows.

Fly Manchester-Düsseldorf Friday middle of the day, and back on Monday middle of the day. Two airlines fly the route, FlyBE and Eurowings (a Lufthansa subsidiary). The sooner we book the cheaper it will be. At present fares are £100-120 return, with an addition if you need checked-in luggage – about £21 each way. (I will go with just hand luggage.)

By train from Düsseldorf Airport to Bochum takes about 40 mins on a regional train. It won’t cost much – we would probably be able to get a group ticket.

As I have said, the City of Bochum will meet the cost of our hotel accommodation (though there could be incidental costs to pay ourselves – I don’t know.) And we will be guests of the SGV at the main events. So the main expense will be travel from Sheffield to Bochum.

I speak German and am familiar with German rail, hotels etc, so will be able to look after things. I am happy for people to make their own flight bookings or for me to do it for other people.

Please let me know as soon as possible if you are interested, or if you have questions. We need to reply soon after the committee meeting on Thursday January 28th. So please get in touch as soon as possible.

Neill Schofield
0777 156 4883