Hi everyone who was on the walk today.

First I would like to thank Gordon and Sian for getting me to the Hallamshire. Thanks to everyone else for your concern and support.

I went to the Minor Injuries Unit at the Hallamshire, a lot easier for me to get to than NGH. They have examined me and the main problem is one of the tendons my knee that I have damaged in the past. They have taken x-rays (no broken bones) but could not examine it properly because the knee is too painful so I am booked in again next week. My ankle is not swollen but is painful but I am hoping that will clear up soon.

I suspect that it will be a good few weeks before I can walk properly again so won’t be seeing you all for a bit. In the meantime have fun and stay upright.


PS I have a very nice crutch but must now learn how to use it.