If you are bringing cars tomorrow for the walk please park at the back of the car park.
As you will no doubt realize with all this rain today the walk will be muddy in places – hope we’re not all too ‘clarted up’ for the dinner!

As some of you know they don’t normally do Christmas dinners on a Sunday – someone should not really have booked us in. I did query it when I got the menu and was told it’d be fine then I got a phone call from the landlady the day before I went away! However, she’s fine about us going but just worried that they won’t have time between the last carvery customers going and us arriving to move tables around and set then all out properly for a Christmas meal. There will just be main course cutlery and crackers on the tables – the rest as we need it – and we will be on small tables rather than long ones. I said I was sure we could cope with that!

Please pay for your meal as you arrive (remember you’ve all paid £5 deposit) and buy your first drink and make sure your name is crossed off their list. The list is in alphabetical order of christian names but couples are together under the name of the first one alphabetically.

Should be slightly better weather tomorrow – I hope!