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Wave Poppies at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Walks 2015 Posted on 21 November 2015 18:04

We have two walks going to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park to see the Wave poppies. Both Barrie & Cynthia and I independently thought it would be a good idea for a winter walk. When we spotted the duplication we decided that since one walk is on a Tuesday and the other on Wednesday it was still worth going ahead with both walks. I always enjoy visiting the YSP and if anyone has not been there I can recommend it.

We hope you can get on one of the walks. Apologies to anyone who would have walked both days.

Barrie, Cynthia & Dave

Next ‘FIXIT’ / Xmas lunch

Fixit Posted on 21 November 2015 14:29

Next ‘FIXIT’ on Monday December 7th followed by Xmas Jolly at The Old Horn Higher Bradfield, table booked for 2.00 pm

A new venue this month suggested by Chris. It will make a valuable link between footpaths and cut out road-walking, so certainly worth doing!

SK955 252 or thereabouts! South West of Broomhead reservoir and South of Broomhead Park. Not marked on the map? don’t know why.

The Job:- Putting in a two-plank bridge, cut-back( mainly Brambles) and removal of roots. Definition of the path, some levelling of the path, some tidying of a dry-stone wall.

Tools:- Strimmer (Barry) Cutting tools, spades, etc.

Meeting:- !0.00 at Lee Lane and Moor Lane ( The path we are working on goes through one to the other). Parking is limited on Lee Lane so priority to the Council Truck. Plenty of parking on Moor Lane. Landmark is Moorside Cottage.

Bring shoes to change into for the pub.

( Suggest Chris, Jan, Lis, David at Lee Lane and Barry, Cynthia, John, Joan and Laurence at Moor Lane) to start anyway!

Ring me if you have queries on 2665063