The 8 mile Chee Dale walk on Sunday 26th July is dictated by infrequent bus times. We catch a 65 bus from Sheffield Interchange at 9.33 and reach Buxton at about 11.00 getting off at a car park / toilet block at SK064736 – (a change from the original co-ords). A morning tea / coffee break will be taken near here and we should start walking at about 11.20

While the first half of the walk (which includes a lunch break) is not difficult, there is some slow walking through tall grass before descending to Chee Dale. Conditions underfoot in Chee Dale itself need walkers to take care – stepping stones & limestone scrambles (both with smooth stones), muddy sections – all of which become more difficult in wet conditions. The scenery, however, is spectacular. Rock climbers may also be encountered.

Because of all the above (and also our intention to have an afternoon break before reaching Millers Dale), we consider it inadvisable to race to catch a 65 bus at 15.14 at the walk end. We thus plan to catch a 66 bus (heading for Chesterfield) at 16.40 at Millers Dale. It will be necessary to change buses at Calver or Baslow to get back to Sheffield.

For anyone wishing to be less adventurous (but choosing to walk independently) or wishing to catch the 15.14 bus there are various break off points from Chee Dale up to the Monsal Trail leading to old Millers Dale Station. The bus stop is about 5 minutes walk down the road.

Should we arrive early at Millers Dale some may wish to extend the walk independently or possibly retire to the mobile café or the Anglers Rest (PH).

Some may choose to drive in the morning to Tideswell and park, and then join us on the 65 bus at 10.28. There are 3 cafes in Tideswell opening at 9am. Parking at Millers Dale is also possible but one must pay!

Tony & Gillian