The start and end times of our walk on Sunday 17th May are dictated by the infrequent buses.

We take the 65 bus at 9.33 from Sheffield to Pictor Hall, starting the walk at 10.55. The last direct 65 bus from Tideswell leaves at 15.28.

We have limited time for breaks so you may like to have a drink and snack at the interchange or on the bus. Lunch break will be around 12.40.

There is a possible break off point at Wormhill walking down to Millers Dale to catch the 65 bus at 15.14.

There are two later buses from Tideswell at 16.58 (connecting with buses at Calver & Baslow or Hope) for anyone wishing to spend more time in the area.

Anyone wishing to take their car to Tideswell, can catch the 65 bus there at 10.28 – 3 cafes are open from 9.00 am.

Tony Allsopp & Gillian Manasse