Tegg’s Nose to Cat and Fiddle Inn via Shutlingsloe

The ‘A’ and ‘B’ walks follow the same route for much of the walk: We start at Tegg’s Nose Country Park and follow the Gritstone Way through the park. As we are already ‘up’ there are really good views right from the start and the trail also goes through some fascinating old workings where it’s worth spending a bit of time, though the ‘B’ party will have more time for this.
We then drop down to Teggsnose Reservoir and follow the lane round Bottoms Reservoir. At Ridgegate Reservoir we enter Macclesfield Forest and a very gentle climb through the forest begins the ascent to Shutlingsloe. With good paths all the way we continue across the access land until we reach the final short but steep ascent to the summit. This is stepped, and though some of the steps are quite high there will be plenty of time for everyone to go at their own pace.
The 360 degree views from the top were quite spectacular even on the cloudy day we pre-walked it. Very well worth the climb! Again, the first part of the descent is steep but again with plenty of time to do it.
The 2 routes diverge at Bank Top below Shutlingsloe.

‘A’ Route – Total Length 12 miles, approx 2,585′ ascent

The ‘A’ group turn right at this point and descend to Wildboarclough where they take the minor road up past the Church and Crag Hall until they turn off on the path across to Three Shire Heads and Panniers Pool. Then they carry on until we cross Knotbury Common and join the Dane Valley Way for a wonderful terrace path, with great views back to Shutlingsloe, until we reach and cross the A54. It is then a very slightly uphill, then level, walk across Danebower Hollow and over the moors to the Cat and Fiddle.

‘B’ Route – Total length 8 miles, approx 2088′ ascent with plenty of time to take your time!

The ‘B’ route turn left and follow a lovely grassy track down to Clough House. They then follow the Cumberland Brook up to it’s source and continue across the moor to join the ‘A’ route with just over a kilometer of level walking to go to reach the Cat and Fiddle.