As you will know from Liz’s blog a few days ago we are finishing the March coach rambles at the Cat and Fiddle Inn. They generally only have a snack menu and with a small kitchen staff they wouldn’t be able to serve lots together in the time we would have.

So – the chef has said he will put on a meal for us which will be easier to serve. There will be three choices:

1. Beef chili and rice
2. Lamb hotpot with red cabbage, salad and crusty bread – even with the potatoes on top!
3. Vegetable casserole with crusty bread.

They are all priced at £7.95.

The only thing is he will need to order the ingredients beforehand so we need to let him have numbers by Thursday 19th March at the latest so Susan and I will be taking bookings for this – Susan might catch a lot of you at Patterdale.

The meals sound good and he was really helpful so it should be a good end to the day.

I’ll put details of the walk on the blog in a day or two.

Judy smiley