Greetings all
First of all I must apologise profusely for the delay with this menu. It’s been a long story of emails and phone calls, but let’s leave the tale there.

It’s at the Peacock at Stannington on Sunday 14th and we’re aiming to be there by 4pm.

It’s 3 courses for £17.95. The owner did (reluctantly) offer a 2 course option but it had to be a starter and main (no desserts) and he was not happy to have 2 course and 3 course options in the same party as this makes serving difficult. Well, as he pointed out he could easily get another party in who would all happily have the 3 courses, so he’d be losing out on offering 2. He would only give a £2 reduction anyway, so the 3 course option is better value for money. (You can always put the dessert in a doggie bag if it’s too much for you!)

The menu is attached with a letter beside each dish. Could you let me know as soon as possible, please, what you’d like so I can pass the choices on to the Peacock . You can email me ( or phone (2757 612).

We do have to pay a £5 deposit each, so if you’re coming to the Wednesday lunch this week, you could pay me then. If you won’t see me before the dinner, don’t panic, I’ll put the £5 in for you and you can give it to me on the day. (Don’t you worry, if you don’t turn up, I’ll be round your house with the heavies pretty quick. Though I’m wondering who could fit that bill?)