I have had 2 people get in touch with me about Patterdale – one to say that half term starts on 16th February – so well before dates we would be looking at – and the other to say any week would be preferable to the first week in March! Someone else, wanting a single room, was asking if the date is definite so she could book – though David (W) has checked and booking isn’t actually open for after December yet, so we have a bit of time to decide.

I just wanted to say that choosing the dates is not the responsibility of Rambles Committee – it only came up because of filling the programme. Even less is it up to me in any way – and I may well not be going this time, so I want to stay well out of it.
It’s not an ‘official’ Rambles event – just a group of friends going away together.

So it would be good if we could have conversations on walks or other get-togethers and fix a date fairly soon so people can plan ahead – for the programme and anything else they might be doing. smiley