I hope this will be my last update. I have now pre-walked the route. The route is –

Castleton, Winnats Pass, Mam Tor, Back Tor, Lose Hill, Win Hill, Hope, Castleton

10 miles circular – moderate

Meeting Point – Castleton Visitors Centre at 2315. Departure time for the walk – 2330.

We will be on the top of Win Hill for about an hour, so bring warm clothing.

I intend to bring some snacks for everyone. i will need some help to carry them.

Overnight car parking is free. Charging starts at 0800. I expect most people will be on their way home before that time.

Some people have asked if this weekend is my birthday. No, it was a little while ago. So no cards, but I would welcome suggestions for my to-do list. I have about 40 items on the list, but I hope to have 70. So far I have achieved 7 goals.

Joyce please get in touch. I do not have your telephone number..