‘Fixit postponed due to bank holiday. Now Monday 12thMay

Venue:-Blindside Lane (Low Bradfield) Where the forest finishes and there is a public footpath sign on both sides of the road. Plenty of parking on the verge near the footpath signs.

Time:- 10.00 am

Job:- Drainage, pipe work. Making good the existing steps and path and putting in additional steps. It may be a three session job.

Tools:- bring spades, shovels, and edge-cutters. Saw, sledge hammer for steps. Pickaxe for removing stones from the path. Wellies, as very boggy in the area we are going to drain.

Tony Andrews will not be there but will send one of his workers.

In the event of terrible weather I will contact Rights of way and you.

Any queries ring 2665063