This is the year of my 70th birthday. To mark the occasion I have started a bucket list of 70 things to do before my 71st birthday. The general theme is old/ancient sights. For a long time I have wanted to be on the top of a hill when the sun comes up on Midsummer’s Day. I have started to plan a midnight walk, perhaps from Castleton, to arrive on the top of Win Hill for sunrise. A tentative programme is:-

Friday, June 20th
Walk [8 miles or so] starts some time after 2300 hours.
Saturday, June 21st
Sunrise is celebrated on the top of Win Hill at 0436 hours. A return walk to Castleton.

I am looking into an early morning breakfast somewhere to complete the the outing.

I hope you are tempted to join this adventure. If you are please let me know. I am open to ideas on the night’s activities and suggestions for my bucket list.

Susan Rushworth