It is Margaret Armitage’s birthday on 14th May. She had planned a walk with Ruth Ashford as a birthday treat but unfortunately neither will be able to lead their walk. We now have a different walk that will finish at Crookes so that we can go to the Cobden View pub, meet up with Margaret and celebrate her birthday. We should get to Crookes at about 4:00 to 4:30.

The walk details are:
A long way to the pub
0932 – 57 bus (Snig Hill) to More Hall Lane, SK297957. Walk starts 1000 – More Hall, Broomhead, High Bradfield, Stacey Bank, Tofts, Crookes.
12.5 miles linear – moderate. No Dogs.
Leader Dave Jefferies

The new walk information will be in the Star, Telegraph and sent out with the walks updates as usual.