On today’s walk (26th February) around the Holmesfield halls several people were interested in more information about the halls. Here are the links I looked up. Most of them are from a site about British Listed Buildings and it may be useful for other information as well.

All the halls are grade II listed. The barn at Barlow Woodseats is very interesting and I particularly like the hall and farm at Cartledge with its stone water spouts to drain the roof and the geometric box hedge.

General information about the Holmesfield district

British Listed Buildings (in the order we visited them):
Fanshawe Gate Hall
Horsleygate Old Hall
Unthank Hall and the house to the SE
Barlow Woodseats and from Wikipedia
Cartledge Hall
Holmesfield Hall (although we did not see it)
Woodthorpe Hall (where there were masses of snowdrops)