Unbelievably we will have been going for a year on our next working party on February 3rd Monday.
So! after our next session which is levelling and widening a path off Roscoe Bank, Lower Stannington, we thought it would be nice to mark the occeasion by going for lunch at the Rivelin Park Cafe. Anyone who has been involved at all in our work is invited, or indeed anyone who is thinking of coming in the future. We will aim to be at the cafe at 1.30 There is a good menu and a specials board of homemades that look yummy! You can just come to eat if you cant work on that day!

They will prepare a table for us, so ,to ascertain the numbers please let me know if you are planning to come. I am inviting Mick Hanson and Tony Andrews from the Rights of Way Dept. at the council so that they can meet everyone.

Now to the actual job! Bring spades, buckets might be handy to cart the hardcore if we can’t get some wheelbarrows on site.

Time : 10.00 am Monday 3rd February
Venue: Halfway down Roscoe Bank, Lower Stannington. A path on the left as you go down towards Rivelin.

For queries and to book a place for lunch ring Jan 2665063