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Photos link

General 2013 Posted on 22 December 2013 18:54

Managed it! smiley This is the link to David’s photos on Dropbox: .

If you click on the link you’ll be able to see all the photos and download any you want to keep.

Success to report

General 2013 Posted on 22 December 2013 18:44

Just heared that the very long ginnel we cleared in Lodge Moor will have Rights of way signs put up at both ends, which makes our efforts worth while and lasting. Thanks again everyone. January 6th Monday our next ‘fixit’ is back at Totley finishing off.

Christmas dinner

General 2013 Posted on 22 December 2013 15:41

Just a few photos from David (Hogg) of the Sunday dinner. He has given me a cd with loads on and I’ve uploaded them all to Dropbox. When I can remember how to do it I’ll get a link, and put it on the blog, so you can look at them all! smiley