I was intending to fire off a letter of complaint on behalf of the Group when I got home.
The address the landlady gave me was The Millhouses, Millhouse Lane. I do not think this is a correct address.
After doing a bit of research on the internet, it would appear that The Barrell, seller of bad food and provider of poor service is or has been run by WL Leisure, Enterprise Inns and Embankment Inns.
An e.mail to WL Leisure bounced back
Embankment Inns has one director remaining,someone called Simon Argell at 951 Abbeydale Road S7 2QD. The accounts of that company have not been filed and there is a “not trading/insolvency” flag on one of the sites I checked out.
Since it is not at all clear who is responsible for this pub or whether they are likely to remain in business for very long there seems little point in attempting a complaint. We won’t be going there again.
If anyone is on facebook or any other social network they may like to relate the bad experience we had today to the rest of Sheffield. Thats probably the best we can do.