Hi everyone

News here of a possible social outing. I’m wondering if anyone would like to go to a performance by the Ladyboys of Bangkok (!). They will be in Sheffield from 2nd to 15th December on Devonshire Green in a marquis, a very fancy one apparently (not out in the open). If you put “Ladyboys, Sheffield” into a web search you can see information about the show. I think it could be quite spectacular as it’s meant to be a Xmas extravaganza.

The best evening for me is Friday 13th but if no-one else can go that night I could do 6th. It costs £21.75 for a ticket or £29.70 if you want a Thai meal and a drink included; seating is at tables for 8 people. There is a bar for those who don’t want to include the meal.

It’ll be necessary to book soon I think, as some tables have already gone. If you’re interested could you let me know as soon as possible, at the latest by this Wednesday. You can email me at lmcooley@hkucc.hku.hk or phone 2757 612.