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Sunday 6th July

Walks 2013 Posted on 2 October 2013 21:53

Thank you to the rambler who rang me earlier to say that the “Tour de France”will be coming through Oughtbridge on Sunday 6th July which is the day I had put down for the Black Hill Car ramble meeting at Oughtibridge smiley so I have now changed the date of the ramble to 31st August. There is now no walk planned for Sunday 6th July x

‘FIXIT’ Monday 7th Oct

General 2013 Posted on 2 October 2013 18:35

Please see ‘fixit’ blog for details.

If you have any suggestions for paths work we could undertake, that would be good. We need to build up some reserve jobs. Please contact me or any regular ‘fixit’ volunteer to make your suggestions.
Jan. 2665063

‘FIXIT’ Oct 7th Monday

Fixit Posted on 2 October 2013 18:31

Next ‘FIXIT’ is on October 7th Monday ( first use of our newly acquired strimmer)

Meeting at Laverdene Avenue, Totley Rise at 10.00 am. Park near the walkway to the woods on Laverdene or you could park above the woods on Queen Victoria Road.

The job is to build 2 sets of steps, one above the second set we built and another below. Whether we accomplish both depends on number of vounteers. There is also cutting back work in this area.

The materials for the complete job are being dropped off by the council on Queen Victoria Road.

Bring essentially a sharp spade. We do need a sledge hammer as Chris Dauris is away on holiday. Shears/loppers, secateurs, saw, brush, rake, bucket. None of these if you are coming by bus.

Wear sturdy gloves and old clothes/boots. Bring your own refreshments.

I look forward to seeing you. Any questions please call me on 2665063