September 29th Coach Ramble

I hope that by now everyone who is going on this ramble knows that the coach pick-up is on Paternoster Row, by the Showroom Cinema. This change has been made because Arundel Gate will be closed on that date. Any buses that usually go along Arundel Gate will be diverted via the Bus Station. Penistone Road will also be closed from town to the Leppings Lane roundabout. Highways advise car drivers to avoid Infirmary Road as it is likely to be congested. Drivers from the Chapeltown area are advised to use Burngreave Road or Attercliffe Road and make for the Park Square roundabout. Another way would be to go to Oughtibridge, then Malin Bridge, Walkley to the Brook Hill roundabout. Drivers from Hillsborough are advised to use the Malin Bridge etc. route. Eyre Street,
Furnival Street will be open so we will be able to park around Arundel Street.

Parking meters [both road and car park] must be fed on Sundays, £1 for the day. The coin cannot be put in until 0800, so the coach departure time will be delayed by a few minutes to allow time for drivers to walk from their cars to the coach.

If you are delayed on the day please phone me {07817501305}