The coach ramble to Sedbergh and the Howgills is now planned. Wainwright describes the Howgills as follows –

“They are sleek and smooth…steep sided but gently domed, and beautiful in a way that few hilly areas are”

“The compactness of the group is emphasised by a remarkable concentration of summits, often likened to a huddle of squatting elephants.”

“In one respect – the magnificance of the views – the Howgills win first prize. Here you have the best of all worlds: uninterrupted views of Lakeland’s fine mountains, a glittering seascape, fifty miles of the Pennine skyline, a vista of the limestone peaks of Yorkshire”.

Between them the A and B rambles will take in the most notable features of this area. Both walks are circular ones from Sedbergh.

The A ramble will be led by Jan Randall and David Goodchild. This walk is perhaps the most spectaculat one in the area. It takes in the falls of Cautley Holme Beck, Cautley Spout and a fine crest walk back to Sedbergh. This 10 mile walk is graded as strenuous because of the feet of ascent and the tightness of the timing.

The B ramble will be led by Judy Gathercole and Susan Rushworth. The walk ascends Winder and returns to Sedbergh via the Lune valley. A walk up Winder is the most popular one in the area because of its close proximity to Sedbergh and its splendid views. We have graded this walk as moderate. The walk will be about 8 miles in length or maybe less if a shorter return route is chosen because of time.

The Red Lion, a Jennings pub in Sedbergh is able to offer meals for all those who wish to eat. The menu choices are below.

1) Sunday Roast (beef) £8.50

2) 1/2 portion of Sunday Roast £5.50

3) Steadman’s Cumberland Sausage, Fried Egg, and Side Salad £9.50

4) Vegetarian Option Price similar to above

Meal choices will be taken on the journey to Sedbergh. The Red Lion does not accept bank cards. The Red Lion is the CAMRA pub of the season Winter 2012/13

Timetable for the day

0800 prompt – the coach leaves Sheffield

1030 approx. – arrival time in Sedbergh

1700 – meal at the Red Lion

1800 prompt – the coach leaves Sedbergh

2030 – 2100 – arrival in Sheffield

Susan Rushworth