I have made a couple of changes to the web site that may be of interest to you. (Click on the highlighted texts below to go straight to them.)

There is now a page of links to other Ramblers groups and organisations that may be of use to you. The links page can be accessed via the Group Info page.

I have also added a link to a new way of getting to our Next Walks list on the Walks & Talks page. It is very quick. This is a new feature supplied by the national Ramblers and thanks to Neill for pointing it out to me. It uses an “RSS feed” that you can subscribe to from the new link. Unfortunately the exact details of how to set up the RSS feed depends on which method you select and which web browser you use so I cannot give a simple note about what to do.

I am interested in what you think about this new method of getting to the walks list so do add a comment to this blog entry or email me: webadmin@sheffieldramblers.org. If people prefer it to the current Next Walks link I may change it.