I wonder if anyone out there could help with a couple of things.

Firstly, I’m doing a Walking Out walk (Striders) on Saturday 2nd February but haven’t got a backmarker. Could anyone volunteer? It’s 945 at the Interchange for bus to Hathersage Road and finish on Crimicar Lane – about 5/6 miles.

Secondly, we need some help with Walk Sheffield in May. This is the walking festival organized by the Walking Forum mainly to get new people walking. This year it is concentrating on walks with a theme or some specific point of interest.

A walk has been arranged on Saturday 11th May (10.00 Arundel Gate) with an ecologist (Sarah Sidgwick) through Greno Woods, following their purchase by Sheffield Wildlife Trust, to learn a bit about the management of the woods for wildlife and people. However, Sarah isn’t actually leading the walk so we need a leader to meet folks in town, bring them out to the start then lead the actual walk – the route is already worked out.

Also on Sunday 12th we are short of an evening walk – would anyone be able to lead a short evening walk of up to 3 miles, preferably with a theme?

If anyone can help with these Walking Out walks please let me or Rob Haslam (email roberthaslam0@googlemail.com) within the next 10 days or so.

Thanks a lot

Judy smiley