Hi everyone

I am working on the web site and will need some more photos to use for a slideshow on the Home page, similar to the current slideshow, and also on some of the other pages. I also hope to change photos on the web site from time to time to add a bit of interest.

So if you have any good photos showing rambles, local views etc. please can you email them to it@sheffieldramblers.org. Just send two or three but let me know if you have more that you think will be suitable. If they feature individuals can you check if they are happy to be on the web site – not everyone wants the pressures of celebrity that comes with such a star turn. Those paparazzi get everywhere!

I don’t promise to use all the photos you send, it will depend on whether they fit with a theme on a page and if they display well on the web. If I get a lot of photos yours may go on at a later date. I will usually have to reduce the resolution for use on the web and may have to crop some where they have to fit a particular format; I will let you know first. If you want to be credited let me know and I will add a caption or tag.

I am looking forward to getting lots of lovely images to add sparkle to the web site. This is not a one-off request; if you have a good photo in the future do send it in.