First you must log in.

If you have registered then log in with your email address and password in the Log In section at the bottom of the column of text on the right.

If you have not registered you must do so. See the instructions on the News & Views web page.

Posting a new item to the the blog is very simple.

Click on Create New Post. This opens the editor where you can type in your message. If you have used a word processor you will find it easy to use. Just type your message in the main text box.

Give your entry a Subject and select a Category.

You can check exactly what your entry will look like by going to the bottom of the edit box and clicking on Preview. Click on Edit to return to the editor if you want to make some changes.

When you are happy click on Submit and your entry will be added to the blog.

Note You can do more than add text and there will be more HELP items to cover what to do.