A few of us went out on Monday (16th) to Bowden Bridge to go over the route of the Kinder Trespass in company of Mike Harding, Roly Smith and Clare Balding – ie. – to record a programme for ‘Ramblings’ on Radio 4.

It was a glorious day. I think Mike and Roly probably did most of the history chat but we all had a talk with her. I felt as if I was just waffling most of the time! We’ll see what it’s like when it’s broadcast, which should be around the end of February.

Those that went along from our group, apart from myself were Terry, Les, Barry and Cynthia and David Sissons. David strummed along for ‘Manchester Rambler’ brilliantly and obviously Mike sang well as usual – but what the rest of us sounded like for the choruses I dread to think!

Attached are a couple of photos.